Hello, my name is Sean Flax. 

I'm a musician with an alter ego as a director/producer/journalist.


I grew up in Manhattan surrounded by music. My dad was a songwriter in the 70s and then became an industry executive. I started teaching myself how to write, play, and record at age 16 after my community service group kicked me out of the Galapagos Islands for drinking a piña colada but let me keep the classical nylon string guitar we bought in the center of town.


After college, I felt the need to make a contribution to society, so I got into broadcast journalism. I moved to Washington, D.C. and produced news for companies like the BBC, traveling the world to cover the White House and State Department (which was crazy). I kept writing and recording music, drawn to the gentle chaos of melody//dissonance, complexity//simplicity, but I wasn't ready to share it with the world. I eventually moved back to New York City to pursue more creative storytelling - developing TV shows and documentaries with the goal of effecting change. I won some awards and am now working with some amazing talent and producers on subjects like the truth about recycling; the unjust criminal justice system; the spread of good news; and the impact of Internet memes. 


A few years ago, I reached the point where I felt good enough about my songs, so I sent them to a dude I knew at summer camp when I was twelve. That dude was Zack Feinberg, guitarist for a platinum band called The Revivalists. I wasn't expecting much, but we instantly clicked, and his first producing project became my first EP.


Shooting music videos, getting press, and playing shows has been nothing less than a trip. We're now setting our sights on a full-length record, and I have every intention of crossing over between music and media and back again. I want my music to inspire people and make them feel good the way others' music has done for me. 


Thanks for visiting, and please don't hesitate to reach out - I’m always happy to share, as well as bring to light, stories that are worth telling - whether through music or content. As long as you're not an a**hole.

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